What Products do we provide

We concentrate in providing products and solutions that can be used to reduce energy and water consumption, which does not compromise the quality of life for the user and is also financially viable.

At the moment we provide two types of innovative products:

  • A complete building system for a Sustainable dwelling based on the Yurt Design concept provides a low cost, rapid construction system, giving the occupants a high quality modern lifestyle, whilst providing a sustainable solution to not use valuable resources.
    • Some of the Technologies involved with the Building system:

      1. Passive Architecture to increase natural light, with natural 'Thermal Chimney' induced air cooling.
      2. No toxic building materials, using local materials where ever possible.
      3. Fast build metal structure, with symetrical 8 sided design to enable future amplification of floor area.
      4. Solar thermal heating for hot water and potentially for under-floor heating.
      5. Roof mounted PV solar collectors and wind turbine for electrical generation, with secondary backup generator.
      6. High efficient lighting using LED lighting throughout, using the recent break throughs in this technology.
      7. Low water consumption fittings throughout Bathroom and Kitchen, with grey water recycling for outside garden use.
      8. Modern Compost Toilet system, allowing for easy clean disposal and low water consumption.
      9. Wireless IP technology, integrated for remote monitoring (Security and Control)..
  • The Solar Assisted heating systems are designed by Net Green Solar Ltd, based in the UK. Using the stock of Solar System components that Net Green Solar has built up in Portugal, it has been agreed that Net Green Developments will be responsible for marketing and technicnical support of their products in Portugal. Both companies are working closely together in developing further the Solar assisted heating systems. see section 'progress'
    • Some of the Technologies involved with Solar Assisted Heating:

      1. High efficient Heat Pipe / Vacuum solar collectors
      2. Use of Fan Coil units to blow hot air throughout the dwelling
      3. PCM thermal storage used for Underfloor heating systems
      4. Heating Swimming pools during non-space heating periods


    Sustainable Yurt Dwelling

    The Yurt Design concept is completely self sufficient, therefore does not require supporting infrastructure such as sewage drainage or electrical grid connection (just require a water supply). We have estimated a build cost of 720€ per sq.meter, which includes all finishes and Renewable systems, depending on which design configuration chosen. As the components are light weight, prefabricated on-site before erection, the location can be remote. The build time for a 110 m² floor area Yurt dwelling can be as quick as 8 weeks.[…]

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    Solar Assisted Heating systems

    The solutions that we are marketing use the solar thermal energy to provide heating inside dwelling and domestic hot water. This is not a replacement for central heating but rather a supplementary independent system that blows hot air into the Core of the house during the day, to keep the heavy mass fabric warm. In winter the Heavy Mass interior can sometimes be colder than the exterior, with additional problems of damp and condensation. This system should only be used if a secondary use of the heat is available during the none space heating period, an example would be a swimming pool. We are developing a Solar Assisted Heat Pump system which would be suitable for dwellings without a secondary heat dump – see the section 'progress'.[…]

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